NPC Details
  • NPCs will be available in tiers according to land size (exact tiers tba)
  • PVP Arena: Astronomic (Or both Astronomic and Etherial) holders will have an opportunity to purchase a PVP Arena. They can host tournaments for players with prizes and charge admission to enter as well.
Tier 1
  • Marketplace NPC: Open your own marketplace and sell all items that we offer in the BEO ecosystem.
  • Mobs (PVE): Put mobs on certain areas of your plot and charge players to fight mobs on your land. Mobs will drop rare loot.
Tier 2
  • Farmers will take care of your animals & crops. Animals that are not cared for can become sick and potentially die.
Tier 3
  • Cows, Horses, & Chickens will be the first 3 farm animals we introduce.
  • The items that animals produce will be used to upgrade pets. Our game will offer pet taming, and once you tame your pet you will need eggs & milk to upgrade.
  • Horses will be eligible for horse racing & can be used to ride.
  • All plot sizes can grow crops. Members who plant crops on their plots will have the ability harvest crops. Crop seeds can be purchased in Vega City at the farm stand. Once crops are harvested they can be used to level up pets. Crops can be sold at the farm stand for gold as well.
Different crops that can land owners can grow inside the game.
  • Carrots
  • Corn
  • Banana Trees
  • Strawberries