Crafting & Gathering

  • Crafting and Gathering is at the center of Beyond Earth player economy and class system. You are what you wear, and all your abilities come from the wearable items. 95% of the items in the game are player crafted with materials gathered. In order to face greater adventures and grow you'll need to master the art of gathering and crafting; or hire someone who does.

  • Each planet will have different biomes that house unique prime materials from organic, mineral, or unknown composition. These resources are acquired by using the gathering gun, harvesting asteroids with your ship, or refining materials via the Refinery which yields various resource types. Some resources can only be obtained from sending your Crew on missions via the Crew system.

  • Crafting can be learned via Blueprints. Blueprints when found offer the ability to be sold for profit via the Galactic Marketplace or burned to teach your character how to craft an item. Blueprints attached to lands as traits will have unique abilities.

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