BEO Crew System

The BEO crew system is coming soon, and is another aspect of our Play-to-Earn model that can be leveraged to earn $BEO, resources, and special items. This system provides the player with another set of options to engage with our universe on their own terms and have fun while playing the game as they choose.

As you collect NFTs by either playing or purchasing them directly you will be able to put together a space crew that will assist you as you explore the galaxy.

  • This is the more hands-on approach to earning $BEO through the crew system. Each crew member can be sent on various missions with different difficulties, duration and rewards. When your NFT companion is sent on a mission then it is removed from the staking pool and will no longer generate passive $BEO since it’s no longer working on the Space Dock. The outcome of these missions can be either success or failure which can have different consequences for your companion.

  • On mission success: If your crew member is successful on its mission then you will receive the entire mission reward and your NFT companion will be available again for staking, missions or hiring.

  • On mission failure: If your crew member gets injured during the mission then they will not be able to complete it and you will not receive the reward. It is important to notice that in addition to not receiving a reward, your companion will have to spend some time in the medical bay recuperating. During the healing phase, your companion will not be available to stake, sent on missions or set for hire.

  • These missions are considered to be high-risk / high-reward and have the potential to reward the player with substantially better rewards than the standard daily staking. However, the missions can also be failed and result in injuries for your NFT companion so careful consideration must be given when using this method.

  • Finally, another way of generating $BEO is by sending your crew to the Space Dock and setting them for hire.

Set for Hire
  • This is a hybrid approach that combines passive daily staking along with the missions rewards. When a crew member is marked for hire then it becomes available to other players who wish to complete a mission but lack crew members of their own. While the crew member is at the Space Dock then they will be considered as “staked” and will generate $BEO until sent out on a mission by another player. In order to use another players crew members, an initial fee and a percentage of the reward received (if successful) must be paid to the owner of the NFT crew member

  • This method allows the player to be a bit more laid-back when managing their NFT Crew members and still partake in the mission reward system

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