Genesis Land Plots

  • Beyond Earth Online launched a 10,000 NFT Land collection in August 2022. Lands are the building blocks of the BEO Metaverse. They are divided into 4 separate biomes, with 5 unique sectors in each biome. Each biome allows for lands to have a different variety of traits.

  • Land owners will have many different opportunities to build, including designing a home, developing an in-game business, mini games, farming, renting, passive earning of $BEO, advertising, and much more.

  • Forest (Sectors 1-5)

    • Resources, Pets, Ships

  • Tundra (Sectors 6-10)

    • Resources, Pets

  • Swamp (Sectors 11-15)

    • Resources, Blueprints

  • Desert (Sectors 16-20)

    • Resources, Ships

There were 2 separate merges of the lands after launch, allowing lands, along with their traits, to level up as below. In order to merge the 2 lands had to be in the same sector, and there are now about 5000 total lands left after the 2 merges.

Land Sizes
  • Common (1 land plot)

  • Rare (Merging of 2 common lands)

  • Epic (Merging of 2 rare lands, essentially 4 common lands)

  • Legendary (8 common lands)

  • Mythic (16)

  • Celestial (32)

  • Ethereal (64)

  • Astronomic (128)

Land Traits

Resources: Plots produce resources that can be gathered every day.

  • Natural

  • Mineral (2 lands merged with natural resources attached to each land)

  • Technological (1 land with Mineral resources, one with natural or above)

  • Biological

  • Alien

  • Galactic

  • Cosmic

  • Multiversal (8 land merges with resources attached to each land)

Pets: Pets not only are loyal companions unique to the BEO Metaverse, they also provide bonuses through combat, skilling, questing.

  • Tier 1

  • Tier 2

  • Tier 3

  • Tier 4

  • Tier 5

  • Tier 6

  • Tier 7

Blueprints: Most items in the game will need to be crafted using blueprints.

  • Decorations

  • Parts

  • Weapon

  • Armor

  • Building Part

  • Mount

  • Crafting Table

  • Storage Chest

Ships: Ships are used to travel across the BEO map with greater speed, while some of the higher tier ships will also be able to travel between planets.

  • Shuttle

  • Cruiser

  • Battleship

  • Carrier

  • Destroyer

  • Dreadnought

  • Starcruiser

The BEO team has integrated maps of each sector which are accessible via portal. When entering the sector your land is highlighted in green. When you get to your land you can enter builder mode which allows you to map out with ease everything you want to build on your land. The team has put countless hours into making this a seamless transition. Also to show how the team takes into account the voice of holders, the sizes of all lands were increased from their initial sizes, which required a complete remapping of every land in all 20 sectors.

Sector Layout

Coming Soon

  • Passive earning of $BEO according to land size, which can be converted to in-game gold and back to $BEO

  • Additional abilities available to land owners according to land size

    • Acquire exclusive animals to raise/breed on their farm

    • A farmer available to increase crop production

    • Drop rare bosses on your land to allow others the ability to defeat them for exclusive PVE rewards in exchange for gold

    • Host a PVP arena where other players may pay in gold to enter/rent

  • Integration of the land traits according to their tier/size

  • More building abilities/resources

  • Purchase multiple different NPCs and build a business inside the metaverse

  • Set locks on doors

  • Billboard advertising

  • Rent land plots

  • Rent vehicles

  • Rent storage chest

  • Host events

  • Adding more exclusive dungeons/monsters/skilling/quests/shops to each biome/sector

  • Potential for all the biomes to come together into one MMORPG map

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